Textile membranes, arteries, fiber-reinforced concrete and sheet metals - these complex materials are of big interest at this chair. For the computational simulations of these materials numerical methods are developed, which take the interaction across scales into account. The research projects of the chair break down in the following three research fields:

Computational Biomechanics

Computational methods allow the improvement of medical treatments and diagnostic methods and also give us a better undestanding of biological processes. The necessary models and methods are developed in this research field.

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Material Modeling on multiple Scales

For the optimization and the development of modern materials numerical methods have to be developed, which consider the microstructure of materials across multiple scales in the computational simulation. These methods are of interest in this research field.

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Numerical Methods and Uncertainty Quantification

Various numerical methods are developed to solve problems in the field of mechanics, which help in the numerical simulation of complex problems. Additionally, the uncertain nature of the (measured) input variable are accounted for in this research field. Eg. approximations for tensor-valued derivatives and methods for the quantification of uncertainties.

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