Open hours

Consultation is in principle possible spontaneously at any time during normal office hours, however this may not be always immediately possible with a specific person. In urgent cases please ask for an appointment.

Approval of external modules

Note that modules passed in other courses can only be approved, if the competencies achieved in external modules match one of our modules ENTIRELY*. Additionally, the number of Credit Points must also match our corresponding module.

If this is applicable in your situation, please submit your request to our secretary office (room ICFW 03/741). Please add the following documents (otherwise your request can not be processed):

  1. Filled form for the approval (available in the examination office). Note that on page 2 of the approval form you have to fill out the modules, which you want to get approved, and connect these with our modules. It is possible to connect multiple passed modules with only one of our modules. This may particularly be necessary in case where your passed modules do not contain as many credit points as our module, or if otherwise an entire match of competencies can not be ensured.
  2. Copy of the module description in German or English, which you passed in another course and which you want to get approved. The module description must contain information regarding your former university or course such that it is possible to connect the module description with your certificate. Furthermore, the module description must contain sufficient information to evaluate whether or not the contents of the module to be approved coincides with the contents of our module. In the case that the module description is not sufficient, provide other suitable documents.
  3. Copy of a verification of the pass of the module to be approved, e.g., certificate.

*: Sole exception is the approval of external academic achievements as modules, which you have to pass as condition to study a master course.