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The chair of continuum mechanics is active in developing methods for the continuum mechanical modeling and simulation of complex materials. Focus is on the development of scale-coupling numerical methods as well as new material models which enable the simulation of materials such as multiphase steels, textile membranes, soft biological tissues, fiber-concrete composites, or hardmetal composites by incorporating uncertainties at different scales. Increasingly, the experimental characterization of nonlinear material properties as well as the unique identification of material parameters become more important.


Chair of Continuum Mechanics

Ruhr-University Bochum
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Building IC Floor 03, Room 741,
P.O. Box No. 5,
Universitätsstraße 150

44801 Bochum

✆:  +49 234 32-26048
℻: +49 234 32-14229

We are always looking for motivated students who are interested in working on their thesis with us. If you are passionate about mathematics, engineering problems and have a flair for programming, have a look at the research that takes place at our chair. If we have kindled your interest, contact our secretary or your lecturer directly.

News from the Chair
2024 06 05 Km Eickhoff-4 Zoom

Tunnelboring machines wear out during underground operations. Dr. Dennis Wingender examined what this wear looks like and how it can be prevented in his dissertation. For this, he was awarded this year's Gebrüder-Eickhoff Prize.

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ECCOMAS'24, Lissabon

Last week, Daniel Balzani and Sergey Kozinov presented the Chair of Continuum Mechanics at the ECCOMAS 2024 conference in Lisbon, Portugal. The 9th European Congress on Computational Methods in Applied Science and Engineering took place from June 3-7 and brought together scientists and engineers from all over the world.

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On April 22nd, Niklas Miska successfully defended his doctoral thesis titled "Analysis and Design of Sheet Metal Structures under the Influence of Polymorphic Uncertainties".

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FerriteCon 2023 was organized by Maximilian Köhler (Chair of Continuum Mechanics) and Fredrik Ekre (JuliaHub Inc.). The GAMM Junior Research Group Bochum and the Chair of Continuum Mechanics supported the event financially...

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News Cardiac Imaging

This year Prof. Daniel Ennis hosted the CIM2 again to strengthen the cooperation within the imaging and mechanical communities. Dennis Ogiermann..

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